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Sandy reviews: Ida, Always

I love reviewing books. I know lots of authors don’t feel the same and some even feel it’s not appropriate. You can find more about what I think here. I read lots of… Continue reading

Flying through Clouds Blog Tour

I don’t think there’s anything quite like the camaraderie of the children’s book industry. Sure, we all have our genres and preferences, but at the end of the day, from picture book… Continue reading

Pearls of Wisdom

One of the things I love about children’s books is they often contain perfectly formed pearls of wisdom. You can take them out of context and they don’t tarnish. You can take… Continue reading

The Week That Was #3

It was a solid week. Mostly filled with editing. One more week should do it and then Blue Boy, Red Day will be ready leave home. Manuscripts are like children. It’s a wrangle… Continue reading

My 15 Favourite #LoveOzKidLit and #LoveOzYA Reads of 2016

It’s the last day of the year and what better way to mark it than with a list. Specifically, a list of My Favourite 15 Australian Kids and YA Books for 2016. Drum… Continue reading

The Week That Was #0

To force my self to be more accountable (to me) for time wasted and procrastinated, every Friday I’m going to post a brief roundup of my week. This week was a short one,… Continue reading

All of Us Together Blog Tour: A History Test

I am particularly pleased to be part of this blog tour. Bill Condon is an author whose writing makes me feel simultaneously inspired and “green with wishfulness”. He’s also a good friend,… Continue reading

Should Authors Review Books?

Lately a few posts around this topic have been appearing on my webosphere horizon. Some say yes and others say no. I’ve got a strong opinion on this topic so I’m keen to add… Continue reading

And so it begins… Book Week Month 2016

It really ought to be called Book Week Month. According to my diary, Book Week extends halfway into September. It’s a good thing it’s a lot of fun. This was a special… Continue reading

99 No More #LoveOzKidLit

99 Authors and Illustrators on Twitter is last week’s news. Now there are 114 (and one correction for Adam Wallace – some other Adam Wallace out there in Twitterville may have been… Continue reading