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Six ways technology can help writers

Love it or hate it, technology is a survival skill for writers in a world where the Internet dominates communication and culture. The good news is that writer technology has always got… Continue reading

How to Make Time to Write

I didn’t plan to attend Allison Tait’s Make Time to Write session when I was at the Sutherland Writer’s Unleashed Festival in August. I figured I knew all I needed to know about… Continue reading

Writers Unleashed Festival – Author Platform

After my first book was published, I thought I might run a ‘how-to-write’ course. Until I discovered I didn’t know anything about how to write. For me, writing just happened. Words somehow connected in the… Continue reading

How to reduce the size of image rich files

The problem: A friend emailed to say her Word document newsletter file was too big and even when she PDF’d it, the file size didn’t decrease. She was stumped. It had never happened before…. Continue reading

To Like or to Retweet? Does it Matter?

It matters. When you Like a tweet, a cute little heart turns red. It’s a warmand fuzzy thing. You’re sending a message that you enjoyed the tweet or found it useful. Somewhere, that makes someone… Continue reading

Mac & Me: A Faded Love Affair

Today my two year flirtation with the dark side ended. I ditched my Mac for a Windows PC. And I’m much happier, back in my comfort zone. I’ve always been a Windows… Continue reading

Goal Setting with Trello

There are lots of posts about setting goals and quite a few about setting goals with Trello. Trello’s tag line is ‘Organise Your Life’ and I can verify that yes, it does… Continue reading

Bring It On: 2017

I’m secretly pleased with this blog post. It was scheduled in advance and means I’ve already made one small step towards completing my 2017 goal to blog more consistently. I’m a great… Continue reading

My Goal Setting with Trello

I like project plans and schedules and lists. I like lists best and that’s why I love Trello. Trello can do them all but I like to keep things super easy to manage so my… Continue reading

What app saves me the most time?

I have this huge fascination with productivity and anything digital. Which is ironic of course, because the more time I spend looking at things like that, the less productive I am. But every… Continue reading