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The books of the future could be made of elephant dung

The books of the future could be made of elephant dung. Truly. It’s an option. You can already buy paper made from the fibres in the dung of herbivores on-line. Like here… Continue reading

99 No More #LoveOzKidLit

99 Authors and Illustrators on Twitter is last week’s news. Now there are 114 (and one correction for Adam Wallace – some other Adam Wallace out there in Twitterville may have been… Continue reading

Student Blogging Challenge – I Am

I’ve signed up to the 2016 Student Blogging Challenge as a mentor to 30 students, mostly from the USA, plus one each from Australia, England and Puerto Rico.  The post topic for this… Continue reading

Blog Posts Worth Posting About: Children’s Books Daily

One of my favourite blogs is Megan Daley’s Children’s Books Daily. Megan must be one of the most dynamic, innovative and enthusiastic librarians in the whole world. Inspiring too. I never miss… Continue reading

5 ANZ Books That Should be Made into Movies

To celebrate Al Tait’s mega exciting news that The Mapmaker Chronicles has been optioned for film, here’s my list of a further five books that would make excellent movies.      … Continue reading

2015 Kids Literary Lunch

This is one of my most favourite events on my bookish calendar. The annual Illawarra and South Coast CBCA Children’s Literary Lunch is so popular among local schools there’s a waiting list… Continue reading

Ask Charles why I write

When I read this, I sat there for a while. And then I said, softly to myself, “Oh”. In future, whenever I am asked why I write, I am going to quote… Continue reading

Internet Goodness – A Poe Tree

Look at this. A Poe Tree. The Internet never ceases to surprise, amaze and inspire me. This tree, in Lawrence Public Library in Kansas, USA, is inspired by Shel Silverstein’s beautiful poem,… Continue reading

Awesome Book Stuff: “Literature Versus Traffic”

It was 2012. In Melbourne. It was awesome. And I’ve only just discovered it happened. This is “Literature Versus Traffic“, an art installation by Luzinterruptus which was part of the Winter Light… Continue reading


I have a new project and I am both excited by it and thrilled by the response to it. I probably sound over-earnest, over-enthusiastic and all too serious but this is something… Continue reading