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Writing in My Un-Comfort Zone

I do it all the time. Put my hand up. Volunteer faster than the speed of light. I think with my heart and then my head gives me a talking to afterwards. But… Continue reading

The Migratory Path of Pencils

I have a huge collection of novelty erasers, pencil sharpeners, rulers and pencils. Enough to rival a whole class of kindergarten kids. I’m an obsessive collector and connoisseur of stationery. An expert… Continue reading

My Year in Review

So how did the goals go? With a little goal post shifting, not too bad. Although I only nailed three, I managed to take small steps on most of my goals. I was… Continue reading

Smiling – the cheapest medicine on earth

People often say to me: “You’re always smiling.” I love this compliment, even if they say it with a perplexed look. Maybe that’s because it might seem like I don’t have much… Continue reading

You won’t remember me…

Whenever my writing life encounters a road block or a pothole, I draw my support and motivation from a stockpile of emails from readers. One of the rewards of being a kid’s author… Continue reading

How I Found Four-and-a-Quarter More Hours to Write – Every Single Week

There are lots of posts about finding time to write. Unfortunately most of them don’t help me. I’m already super-organised, having Trello-ed my life (and even the pantry). I successfully juggle four… Continue reading

#desktopstories – what creatives keep on their desk

Today when I was supposed to be writing, I just couldn’t get going. I’m not worried. I wrote up a storm yesterday. Slashed all previous word count records so I’m not surprised I… Continue reading

The Week That Was #7

Mostly I worked. I took on a new part-time job. Now I have four of those plus writing. The problem with part-time jobs is they are like kindergarten colouring. They never stay… Continue reading

The Week That Was #6

Six weeks in and going strong. The idea is if I keep this thread going then other posts will wrap around it. So far, and it’s early days, I’ve duped myself and the… Continue reading

The Week that Was #5

Warning! Warning! This might be the most boring Week That Was post of the whole year!   I reviewed – lots of series books for the Funday section in the Sunday Telegraph –… Continue reading