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Read Like a Writer, Write Like a Reader?

One of the things I love about social media is it makes my brain buzz. Read like a Reader, Read Like a Writer About a week ago I wandered into a conversation going on in… Continue reading

Advice for Slow Writers

I’ve come to accept that in the writing world, I’m a tortoise. I’m still a little envious when I see spectacular word counts trumpeted on Twitter. And impressed and inspired. But no matter… Continue reading

How I Found Four-and-a-Quarter More Hours to Write – Every Single Week

There are lots of posts about finding time to write. Unfortunately most of them don’t help me. I’m already super-organised, having Trello-ed my life (and even the pantry). I successfully juggle four… Continue reading

Live and Local, SWF and Kate DiCamillo

It was a writerly weekend. On Saturday, the Sydney Writers Festival was literally streaming into the Gong Town Hall. The program included live-streamed sessions from the Big Show in Sydney and local events… Continue reading

Pearls of Wisdom

One of the things I love about children’s books is they often contain perfectly formed pearls of wisdom. You can take them out of context and they don’t tarnish. You can take… Continue reading

Minecrafting a Story Workshop

What could be better than computer games and writing? When it comes to Minecraft, they go together perfectly. I have heaps of fun at my Minecraft workshops and the kids are always… Continue reading

SCBWI Andrea Pinkney Award

I love first pages. Some people judge a book by its cover and I’ve done that too. But for me, the first page is king. If the first page is wonderful, I’m… Continue reading

Week 3-4 #STUBC16: Where I Want to Visit

Week 3 of the Student Blogging Challenge is  free choice and Week 4 is “About Your World”. Some of my students are doing Activity 7 “The Place I Would Like to Visit Most”. That… Continue reading

Awesome Animals Blog Tour

I’m thrilled to welcome an author whose life-long dedication to children’s literature is inspirational. It was my privilege to give the introduction speech when she was so deservedly given the Lady Cutler… Continue reading

You can’t write with a blunt pencil

When I saw The Successful Children’s Writer”: Many Eggs, Many Baskets tweeted by Sue Whiting yesterday, my first thought was to dissect why it was such a good heading having just completed a… Continue reading